Small improvement is constantly being made …

… at Waterline Design to simplify and improve our boating life. There are many innovators on boats all around the world. For us, it started with a dive bag used to cool beer and scrub potatoes after the boat in a few knots of speed.

1410 Mosquito net for standard hatch round Bomar
More women behind the wheel!
Mesh bag for cooling beer
Bug screen on a rectangular hatch
Little girl at luxury yacht
Mosquito net for the companionway

We did not understand…

…why boat stores didn’t have mesh bags to cool drinks. A good friend said ”you can not sit and be sorrow without actually doing something yourself”. The idea to Waterline Design  was born, which develops and designs ”Smart and practical boat equipment”. Each product should solve a problem or improve any previous solution.

Swedish midsummer

One of our first products was a blind / curtain…

…that darkens the cabin. Most people want to decide themselves when they want wake up – not necessarily when the sun rises. Holidays are holidays. The simplicity of a curtain that does not require smart mounting and fastened using only a suction cup has helped many boat owners and crew to a better sleep.

Happy sailing girl
Delta 29 in Stockholm Archipelago
Safe way for mooring lines
Skinny mosquitoes bites worst

Customers requested a solution with open hatches…

…and portlights and several sizes. Our solution, where you mount a mosquito net on a cord to the suction cup, received the 2013 Pittman Innovation Award in the magazine Sail Magazine. In 2017 we at Waterline Design launched a blackout curtain that also let in air, not as much as an open hatch with a mosquito net, but enough to circulate air in the boat. 2018 came a magnet that is an alternative to suction cup. A small metal plate is taped on the hatchs so a magnet can attach. Read more in FAQ. Today we cover all hatches, portlights and companionways. Our products are also completely independent of the brand on the hatch / portlight.

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Per and team Waterline Design by Båtsystem

Lighthouse in Gothenburg archipelago
Mosquito sucking blood