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Mr Mooring – for safe mooring. Make the mooring easy by not having to lean over the rail., and eventually dropping your mobile phone. Fits mooring fingers, dock poles and bollards. Easy installation on mooring fingers with cable ties and on dock / jetty / bollard with a screw. . Mr Mooring could be shared with the neighbour’s berth, as it could host at least two lines.

It now comes in two models for safe and easy mooring. Mr Mooring original, with a fixed foot and Mr Mooring Flexible. The difference is in the foot. Flexible has a stainless-steel spring mounted in the foot. The spring is strong enough to hold the lines in place, even if it’s windy. If the accident is ahead and the boat gets stuck in the stick, then it would fold – not brake.

Mr Mooring is made in Sweden, of impact-resistant and UV-protected HD polyethylene and polycarbonate. 100% recyclable.

Mr Mooring – for easy mooring and no more dropped cell phones….

Waterline Design has distributed Mr Mooring safe mooring since 2013. Mooring could be different in most countries. In case  you have fixed mooring lines Mr Mooring could  be one of the best solutions you’ve  ever had. We are proud to say that we distribute world wide to over 15 countries. This is smart and practical boat equipment. See our list of distributors at “find a store” or contact us at [email protected]