Get an awesome Online store or catalog with our Images, Movies, Info graphics, Facts sheets and much. Everything free to download from Google Drive, no password protection.

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The Google drive is build up on folders, after article number. One folder / product. In the folder you will find both high resolution images 3000 x 3000 px CMYK, 300 dpi and web ready images 1000 x 1000 px, RGB, 72 dpi. Please let us know if you would like to have the picture in other format. We will constantly update all info here so you can have the latest info. Check it out the latest information. Download / save the info you will use since an updated picture can be slightly different. We can also deliver the same information on Dropbox or send to you by FileTransfer (large file transfer) or an USB memory-stick.


Make some more out our brand with social media. Download hundreds of images. All images and movies are free to use for customers to Waterline Design.


Contact us [email protected] or go to the contact us page and we will help you with other format or delivery options.


One place for all fact & text. Download our Excel-sheet with all need to know facts. You will find: SKU, Product title, category, Description, facts, how to, incl., page title, meta description, tags, brand, HS code, land of origin, retail package size and weight, EAN codes, links and much more.

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Read our latest catalog 2020. Find out more about our smart and practical boat equipment. Designed in Sweden by Swedish designer. Our goal are for everyone to have an easier boat life. Smart solution for all kind of boats. Read your copy (PDF) here. Just click on the catalog.

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